On February 24th 2022, the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine began.
Kharkiv became one of the cities where the first explosions rang out. Mass panic began, people grabbed things and went to other cities or looked for the nearest basements and bomb shelters. And within a month, only a third of Kharkiv residents remained in the city. 

“When the war broke into our city, we could not even imagine what consequences it would leave. Many places we saw every day have changed forever. The park where we used to walk as a child and the square where we celebrated every New Year turned into broken puzzles of our old life – but people remained.”

Our team tried to connect many different stories, destinies, thoughts. We talked to different people, with different professions, with different lives, but in one war time and in two big cities – Kharkiv and Hamburg. Each person who revealed their experiences, fears and feelings to us, left a piece of himself in our videos. And maybe in our rapidly changing reality, these stories will become a vivid example of how people lived, loved, hated, but did not give up, despite the danger outside the window.

At first, the world was in a strange state of shock, panic, bewilderment although the signs had been so clear before. But with the many refugees who fled from Ukraine and with the economic and political effects of this war, the world outside the direct war zone was also changing a lot.

»About our cities – war edition: Kharkiv (46min)
concept/coordination/producing: Alexander Plekhun, Vladimir Davydenko
editing: Dmitry Pashko
artwork: Viktor Yermolenko
supported by MeetUp! /  EVZ foundation
The film depicts the atmosphere in Kharkiv in August 2022.
Languages: Ukrainian, Russian; with english subtitles.

»About our cities – war edition: Hamburg (26min)
concept/coordination: Franziska Jakobi, Gregory Popov
shooting/editing: Daria Penkova
artwork: Thomas Volgmann
supported by MeetUp! / EVZ foundation and KINOCLUB Hamburg-Ukraine
The film depicts the atmosphere in Hamburg in November 2022.
Languages: German, English, Ukrainian, Russian; with english subtitles.