sensitive content – modern war novels (c)Elisabeth Brucker

“I died on February 24 this year, between 4 and 5 A.M., along with 40 million other Ukrainians.”

Nevertheless, she made it back onto the stage. And she was not the only one: eight artists of the German-Ukrainian creative association “UNDER CONSTRUCTION”, by the will of fate, have been in Hamburg, and they also wanted to be heard, wanted to put their bodies, voices, and souls on the stage to resist evil through the space of culture and art. They have known each other for several years, and since July, having been united in a summer creative residence, they have been looking for a language, a sound that will help them express themselves. But now they are not ready just to talk. They are ready to shout.

On stage, they share with you the stories of this war: different destinies, angles of perception, decisions made, as well as different schools of acting and work styles – all this is woven together at one time, in one place.

«Is it possible to show it on stage in this way?» – «How else, when all this is true?» – «Shouldn’t we find a softer stage solution?» – «These are the things that are happening right now, at this very moment, exactly like this, in all their brutality and horror, much more ugly than we are able and would like to convey here on the space».

This is the new truth, viewed through a multinational prism – and this is a fact, even if it has become «sensitive content» for you, where you first must to have the courage to click the «see» button.

From and with: Uliana Fedak, Pavlo Holovchenko, Franziska Jakobi, Alona Konovalchuk, Oleksandr Koval, Nikita Petrosian, Michael Polyakov, Grigorii Popov, Adele Vorauer.

Premiere: 9. 10. 2022  »LICHTHOF Theater Hamburg.
Preview: Theaternacht Hamburg, 10.9. 2022

Created during the summer-residency “We. Here, now, together.”, supported by ART CONNECTS – Hilfsfonds für Projekte mit schutzsuchenden Kulturschaffenden and Probebühne im Gängeviertel.

sensitive content – modern war novels (c)Elisabeth Brucker

Hamburger Abendblatt, 8th of October 2022