What was before

The founding members of „under construction“ got to know each other through projects of »wheels e.V. since 2018:

September 2019: „Tumble – looking for the heart of things. A ukrainian-russian-german performance“

three weeks of performative urban research and performance in Oberhausen and Kharkiv

Oberhausen, (c) Axel J. Scherer
Kharkiv, (c) Victor Vesochin

„Bang! Pop-up-Interventures“ – video series created in the context of “Tumble”

Find more from WHEELS on Vimeo.

2018/19 NAKT Interfest – Kharkiv meets Hamburg

Student exchange project between the MA Performance Studies of the University of Hamburg and the masterskaya55 of the National University of Arts Kharkiv

December 2018: „грабiж – Plündern“ , Kampnagel Hamburg

»Behind the scenes of „грабiж – Plündern“:

»Performance „грабiж – Plündern“:

(c) Emma Szábo



March 2019: „Treffpunkt – Мiсце зустрiчi“ , Theatre of Youth Kharkiv

»Behind the scenes of „Treffpunkt – Мiсце зустрiчi“:

»Performance „Treffpunkt – Мiсце зустрiчi“:

Travel and Production Report (German/Russian) on the »Website of NAKT Interfest

(c) Clemens Voigt