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sensitive content – modern war novels. 10/2022 LICHTHOF Theater Hamburg (c)Elisabeth Brucker
about our cities – war edition (2022/23)

under construction is a cross-country group of artists, based in Hamburg (Germany) and Kharkiv (Ukraine). The people involved are coming from different artistic departments. Dance, theatre, performance mainly, but also design and education. The group wants to tear down borders or at least question them – between countries and regions, between different artistic disciplines, between people with diverse backgrounds and histories, between nature and technology, human and machine. It is the longing to discover the IN BETWEEN, to find what bounds the people together and helps them to understand each other. To invent possibilities for a future worth living. Cross-country with equal rights is the most important aspect: Only, when it’s possible to shift your perspective to the outside, with delimitation and check-up with “the others” we can see ourselves. We can discover it through the mirror of the others.
The structure of under construction is  based on research and interactive  parts, the projects are evenly artistic and socio-cultural and are presented in different forms.

Founded was the group in spring 2020, but already in »2018 members got together in a few exchanging projects of »wheels e.V., presented inter alia Kampnagel Hamburg and the young theatre in Kharkiv.

underconstruction theatre | about our cities
underconstruction theatre | about our cities (2020)