“Ver-Sammelstelle – Ukrainian cultural happening with Hamburg support” is a project of the team of the Sammelstelle Eppendorf and the German-Ukrainian artist network under construction.

From June 7 – 25, 2022, the premises of the donation centre at Eppendorfer Weg 235 in Hamburg will be transformed into a venue for Ukrainian performance, exhibition and workshops. The Hamburg public is expressly invited to participate in the planned actions and to enter into conversation with each other. Participation in all events is free of charge. Donations for Ukraine are welcome.

The project is supported by ART CONNECTS – aid fund for projects with cultural workers seeking protection.

Instagram/Telegram: @ew_235_ua

Project management: Franziska Jakobi, Grigorii Popov, Mariia Matasova, Solomia Kushnir.

»Here is a summary of the project (photos/exhibition texts).

Works by artists who have come to Hamburg from Ukraine in recent weeks, theme: “Un-restful backpack”:
7-9.6 Alex Doroshenko, 10-12.6 Darina Mykytiuk, 13-15.6 Paula Lytovchenko, 16-18.6 Alisa Sizykh, 19-21.6 Daniella Preap 22-24.6 Elis Prostotak.


EXHIBITION daily 16-19h
Works by artists who continue to reside in Ukraine, theme: “Un-restful backpack”:
Andrii Podliesnyi (Donetsk, now Lviv), Artem Lahovskyi (Rivne), Viktor Yermolenko (Kharkiv), Danil Nikiforov (Kharkiv), Masha Vyshedska (Bachmut, Donetsk region), Alexander Plekhun (Kharkiv), Antonina Shtohryn (Kyiv, now Kamianets-Podilskyi), Bohdana Tkach (Rivne), Vitalina Lopukhina (Kyiv), Volodymyr Davydenko (Kharkiv), Olya Krylova (Bachmut), Maria Golega (Kyiv), Sofiia Saletska (Kharkiv, now Sumy).



“Knit together”
18.6, 4-6pm
Intuitive painting & knitting stories with Ukrainian artists.
Leader: Mariia Matasova
Language: German/Ukrainian

In the Ver-Sammelstelle we meet to paint and knit together, to exchange stories and objects.
From different objects we want to build a still life. Each participant will intuitively bring something that might (or might not) inspire him or her or others.
We freely and effortlessly document the emerging “here & now” on paper with colors, words and shapes. We connect, knot, gather and leave room for our imagination to unfold freely.
At the end we dismantle the still life together and exchange the brought objects among each other, so that each can take a part of the jointly knitted process.
Everyone who is interested in being connected is welcome.


The fall of the wall? Imagining “Eastern” – “Western” European relations through critical lens
22.6, 7-9pm
Workshop in English
Leader: Mariia Vorotilina

In the wake of the war of Russia against Ukraine, the gaps in understanding of “Eastern”-“Western” European relations became more visible. Colonial perspectives of the “West” towards “Eastern” Europe have shaped the patterns that include, but are not limited to generalization of cultures and experiences of people living within the region, resource depletion of lands, exploitation of migrant workers and superiority of academia. These perspectives are obtained and developed through the official knowledge production structures, such as schools or universities, as well as through the invisible culture codes and stereotypical patterns that exist within cultures people grow up in. At the same time, these relations define self-perception of people in/from “Eastern” Europe that is often related to understanding of the “West” as a superior construct.
This workshop is aimed at reflecting on the perspectives towards “Eastern” Europe from the West and vice versa, particularly in the context of the war of Russia against Ukraine, through bringing together people growing up in different contexts. The main tools of the workshop will be self-reflection, critical lens on own knowledge and listening to the voices of the affected community, that should provide a safer space for discussion and developing new solidarity structures.
The workshop will be facilitated by the curator and activist from Ukraine living in Hamburg Mariia Vorotilina.


Forest Songs – Ukrainian songs and mythology
14, 16, 21, 23. 6., 19-20:30
Singing, learning, being creative
Leader: Liubov Shyrkina
Language: Ukrainian/German/English

In this workshop we will sing Ukrainian songs and learn about the mythology in the lyrics (the lyrics will be transcribed and/or translated, so non-existing language skills are not a problem). In addition, we will read excerpts from the famous Ukrainian play “The Forest Song” by Lesya Ukrainka.
Anyone who wants to get an insight into old and beautiful Ukrainian traditions and learn something new about Ukraine is welcome! We want to present our workshop results to the public at the finissage on 25.6.
Registration is not required, but it will help us with planning.