Digital Talk of the Town Hamburg/Kharkiv – Dezember 2020 Midst quarantine and pandemic 30 young artists from Ukraine and Germany are talking about their cities, explore and give each other tasks to get to know their environment through the eyes of the others. Out of the material, which is produced online and also offline by the participants, two movies will emerge at the end of the project. Two movies about the two second-largest cities of their countries. Inspired and designed by the view of “the others”.

Artist talk @lichthoflab: 6th Dezember 2020
Film premiere @lichthoflab: 17th Dezember 2020

By and with: Franziska Jakobi, Grigorii Popov, Vladimir Davydenko, Alexander Plekhun, Katharina Ante, Aljona Ushakova, Daniil Nikiforov, Maria Golega, Clemens Voigt, Eva Decker, Tanya Shinyakova, Dmitry Pashko, Chi-Chung Cheung, Thomas Volgmann, Andrey Gaspanovich, Kapitolina Kolobova, Imme Stolzenburg, Jula Uhlich, Viktor Yermolenko, Denis Bliznuk, Chantal Stannik, Maria Roslova, Deniza Glezina, Yulia Suarez Bergmann, Alyssa Marie Warncke, Philine Pastenaci, Olesya Zaharova, Antuanella Adamkevich, Zuzanna Kolupajlo, Johanna Baumann

About the premiere of ABOUT OUR CITIES

During the project ABOUT OUR CITIES 30 young artists from Ukraine and Germany met  via digital meetings between October and December 2020 to talk about their cities.

In every meeting new astonishing emotions and new thoughts came up and even more questions were asked which answers we tried to find together and reflect during the last period of our project. Two films were made, which were shown on 17th of december 2020. They were presented in the very own point of view of the participants of both cities, Hamburg and Kharkiv, which are both the second largest cities of their countries.
Both films were made from the point of view from „the others“. This was our working style: Every aspect of one film is an answer to a question from a participant of the other city. For example: Someone in Kharkiv asks – Where is the heart of the city? Then the participants from Hamburg answer with a videoclip, a sound or a picture.

Directly after the presentation of the final results we got an answer: We need to get in touch. Not only with the people which were a part of our journey but also with the audience. We understood that our work was not over, we needed to dive deeper into showing the insides of our cities. We need to put even more effort into reflecting the details of our journey.
Thanks to the active discussion with the audience afterwards, the films which were already made are not the end of our project and we continued our research.
We deeply respect the audience and the participants and want to clear out any misunderstandings which showed up during the showing. It is important to us to hear what the others are saying, to react to them and -if necessary- to take our work even further than we would have expected it in the beginning of the project. To really get to the core and not be pleased by just the outcome of the pattern.
This is the reason, why we decided to produce another movie: Made from a person, who was not involved in the process, who just saw the outcome of our research.This is our final step at least in this process.
Our process of understanding each others needs and values will continue, we will create more projects to find answers to these questions which are important to all of us.
Even if it is not easy -and maybe not possible- all the time to find these answers quickly, we are sure our art finds its way to the audience and we are happy to be able to start a conversation, to get in touch and to look for (the) truth.

Here is the result. A project, developed and executed by young citizens of two different cities, which are far away and so close at the same time – Hamburg and Kharkiv.

»HAMBURG with the view of Dima, who took part in the project:

»PROCESS and KHARKIV in the perspective of Clemens, who took part in the project:

»KHARKIV with the view of Christian, who took not part in the project itself:

»as an introduction: